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Free Shipping on Orders Over $49

Alloy Steel Tongue Drum (Buy One Get 7



The Best Gift  For Parents. Friends.Children 

✅What is the Tongue Drum?

  • It is a very melodic percussion instrument and highly appreciated for its relaxing sounds and ease of playing. It is a work of art, a musical instrument, and even of your mind mate.

  • Anyone without practice can easily pick one up and start playing, You can either use mallets or your own hands to produce sound. 


  • Hand-built, artificially tuned--and the tone is accurate and sound.The water-based paint surface, nuisance-free and wear-resistant and does not fade.
  • Focused on helping people relax and focus--we get inspired by nature to design sounds that help you reduce stress, relax, and make you happier.

  • The Tongue Drum is a meditative drum that helps you have rest--focus on yourself and great for relaxing anytime. Meditation. Yoga. Sound Therapy. Hiking. Camping. Music Development. 
  • You do not need any special skills or multiple years of practice to play on it--You just take the Tongue Drum in your hands, and then everything happens by itself.
  •  Its compactness allows you to take it with you always -- it is lightweight and takes up minimal space in a backpack.

✅Did You Know It?

  • The Tongue Drum has a very special effect on people, who often become transfixed or mesmerized. It can be a very useful tool in healing, therapy and relaxation techniques of all kinds.

✅Main Features:

  • Materials: Metal
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Product weight: 0.600 kg
  • Package weight: 0.905 kg
  • Product size(Three Product size)
  • 6 inches = Diameter 16cm x Height 9.5cm/ 6 x 4 inches

✅Package include:
  • 1 x Steel drum
  • 1 x pair of Mallets(FREE)
  • 1 x Music Book(FREE)
  • 1 x bag(FREE)
  • 1 x set of notes stickers(FREE)
  • 1 x set of picks(FREE)

Customer Questions & Answers
🙋‍♂Question1:Can anyone recommend a good beginner's book to go with this drum?
  • Answer:It comes with a book that has about 50 songs in English. --By Sam in Texas on October 17, 2019
🙋‍♂Question2:What key is it tuned to? Description says C major, but comments here say D, which is it?
  • Answer:C major - no sharps no flats - also the coolest hand-drum i have ever played! it can be made to sound similar to steel drums, bongos, tablas, etc.... in the hands of a creative drummer this thing is mind blowing!----By ier0Kpsa Direct on September 19, 2019
🙋‍♂Question3:Is it help for release stressful?
  • Answer:Hi dear! Exactly, there are many ways to release your pressure. For example, you can take time to learn rhythm and play a tune with this tongue drum. which is also a way to distract attention.--By CAL REGULA on September 20, 2019  

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